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Subject:Japanese or Chinese vase
Posted By: Roger Sun, Sep 04, 2022 IP: 2601:281:d300:975:f9

Hi All,
I would appreciate your thoughts on this vase. I believe it is Japanese. Thank you!

Subject:Re: Japanese or Chinese vase
Posted By: Madria Mon, Sep 05, 2022

It's a Chinese vase: the shape suggest it was intended for Export to the west (That kind of vase was used for instance by the Dutch as Flower Holder) The six-charakter mark at the bottom says Da Qing Qian Long Nian Zhi (Great Qing-Dynasty Qianlong Year Made) and is probaly apocryphal and much later. Qianlong-Dynastie (1736-95) marks an artistic climax, even in the range of goods for export which were often of lesser quality. Your vase doesn't looks up to the standards, I'm affraid. Might be a modern fake/reproduction. Would be interested in the opinion of the forums experts though.

Regards Madria

Subject:Re: Japanese or Chinese vase
Posted By: Roger Tue, Sep 06, 2022

Thank you so much! You were very helpful! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |