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Subject:Japanese Vase
Posted By: Madria Sat, Sep 03, 2022 IP:

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for providing such a great platform for sharing knowledge and learning about Asian art.
I recently bought a small collection of Japanese and Chinese vessels,
one of which I would like to show you today.
It is a small Japanese vase (height: 15.3cm; diameter: 6cm)
with a surrounding landscape decoration. This was executed in an incised technique.
There is a Nippon Tokusei stamp on the bottom.
According to a comparison of the mark with the
data at, the piece dates to the 1920s or 1930s
(I tend towards the latter).
I would like to know more about the piece and its context.
Can you tell me more about the calligraphy-style technique
and give me some clues about dating? I am interested in
everything from the shape to the colour tone to the time classification of the incising technique. Any help would be appreciated.
I would like to thank you in advance for
your time and efforts.

Regards Madria | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |