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Subject:Help Identifying Markings and Origin of Japanese Vases
Posted By: AnnieB888 Tue, Aug 02, 2022 IP:

Hi all, I would love some assistance identifying the origin of these two large vases that have been in my family since at least 1950. I am in awe of the level of knowledge on this forum and hope someone can help! I initially thought they might be Satsuma, but since they have a pebbled texture (moriage?) rather than the more characteristic smooth "crackled" finish, I wasn't sure. I have also not found any similar designs (specific flower and leaf motif) in other ceramic vases of this general style. The vases measure about 15" tall each.

For the markings on the vase bottoms, I believe the top two characters on the right mean "Kyoto" and the one on the bottom left "yama", but I have not been able to identify any of the others via extensive Googling, as well as searches in this forum.

I'd love to know any information anyone may have about these - less concerned about value, more just to satisfy curiosity. We are located in the United States, but we do know of a family ancestor who likely had brief contact with a Japanese citizen in the 1890s (other decorative items) and wonder if that may give a clue as to these vases' origin, though we have no idea if there is actually a connection. Thanks for reading this far and for any assistance or information you can provide! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |