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Subject:Help for identification of Chinese vase
Posted By: Lionel Wed, Jul 27, 2022 IP:


here is a Chinese vase that was purchased by my great-grandfather at an auction long time ago. Does anyone could help me identifying the period? And do you think that it has a certain value?



Subject:Re: Help for identification of Chinese vase
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Jul 30, 2022

Apocryphal seal script mark of 'Made during the Qianlong Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty' (Da qing Qianlong nian zhi - 大清乾隆年製). Probably made in the late-Qing-to-early Republic (circa 1900-1925).

Image below shows a 14-inch tall similar lamp of mine that's configured as a lamp.

Best regards,

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