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Subject:Buddhist Painting
Posted By: Sandra Lemkin Mon, Jul 25, 2022 IP:

This is a sturdy double framed painting encased in plexiglass. Outside frame measures 45" x 27". Inside frame is 35" x 16" and the painting itself is close to this size. Label says Sura Wongse Gallery, Framing and Gallery, Surawongse Road, Bangkok, Thailand. I believe this item was purchased in Bangkok in the 1980s. A Google search for this gallery turned up nothing,

Subject:Re: Buddhist Painting
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Jul 26, 2022

This appears to be a Thai painting of the Buddha Sakyamuni preaching to monks. I've never seen one with Chinese characters in it, nor can I read the stylized Chinese script across the top of this painting. However, Bangkok has a sizable market in its community of Sino-Thai Buddhists.

The label of the Surawong Gallery in Bangkok has the single character "Lin" (林 - literally "forest" or a common Chinese surname). This gallery was well known when I visited Thailand from a stint in Laos during the early 1970s and when worked there in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

I would speculate that this painting was produced in the antique style at the gallery and purchased either by a tourist or one of the US and other foreign Military personnel who visited for Rest and Recuperation (R&R) during the Vietnam War years.

I've included a picture below originally included in my response to a 2021 query about another Buddha painting. This is modern Ramayana scene I purchased in another Bangkok gallery in the early 1990s.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :Thai Painting

Subject:Re: Buddhist Painting
Posted By: Paul Fri, Aug 05, 2022

Bill – Those “Chinese characters” threw me off, too. On closer inspection, I see they are trees.

Btw, I was living/working in BKK from 1985 to 1998.

Subject:Re: Buddhist Painting
Posted By: Paul Wagner Fri, Aug 05, 2022

More Thai art: This truly original WANTED poster appeared on the lobby wall of my BKK condo one day. It says, in part, that Mr Kainuey Sitirachanukul, who is probably their “friend”, is wanted for the midnight raping of “Bear”, the “dog who lives under the condo”. Also says some other rude stuff. I thought the portrait was pretty good. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |