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Subject:Help with Indian (?) brass/bronze pot
Posted By: Marote Fri, Jul 15, 2022 IP: 2a02:a456:b176:1:1c3

I hope anyone can tell me more about this pot. I bought this together with a few other items that I presume to be from India (see 2 previous questions I posted on this forum), and therefore expect that this is also Indian.
Is this indeed from India? Is this old or just pretending to be old? And does this type of pot have a specific use?

Subject:Re: Help with Indian (?) brass/bronze pot
Posted By: alexander Sun, Jul 17, 2022

it is an african ashanti bronze pot most likely 20th century.

Subject:Re: Help with Indian (?) brass/bronze pot
Posted By: Marote Mon, Jul 18, 2022

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for this reply. It is indeed similar to a few Ashanti pots I now found with Google, but I also found images like the one I add here, which is a bronze Dhokra rice measuring cup. And that seems more fitting in the lot I bought, as those were all Indian items. But it was bought at a thrift shop, with various items in a showcase, so it could still have been a mishmash, with Indian and African items :)
If it is 20th century, do you have any idea which part of the century that would be? (wondering if I'm older than the bowl or not...) | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |