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Subject:Print Art
Posted By: Debi Winckler Fri, Jul 08, 2022 IP:

This art was a gift to a friend's dad for befriending their son. I believe he received it in the 1940's. The family was reputed to be a crime family from Japan. Also included is a photo of the family with the art. I would like to know more.

Subject:Re: Print Art
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Jul 09, 2022

In the framed picture on the wall the Seven Deities of Good Fortune (Shichifukujin) are depicted with the inscription;
笑う門に福喜來る - Warau kado ni fuku kitaru -
Fortune comes in at a merry gate (ca.Luck will come to a bright family with constant laughter)
The focus of picture is not sharp enough to read the signature and seal.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Print Art
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jul 10, 2022

One less character,
笑う門に福來る -is correct
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