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Subject:Translation required please
Posted By: Hunter Tue, Jul 05, 2022 IP:

Hello can someone translate this for me please?

Subject:Re: Translation required please
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jul 06, 2022

The translation below uses Mandarin Chinese, but this may be Japanese or Korean. The bold script is read right-to-left, the rest top-down. The red seal at bottom left is too obscure for my eyes but may name the artist or source.

Bold title -百馬图 - Bai ma tu - Hundred horses picture

Small stack at left - 曠庵 Kuang an - wilderness monastery, temple, nunnary

Red seal at right - 神器 - Shen qi - divine utensil, the throne

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Translation required please
Posted By: Hunter Sun, Jul 10, 2022

Thankyou Bill.
The art is of approx 100 horses playing down a mountain with trees and a river. I bought it at a thrift store for the frame.

Thanks again
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