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Subject:Kutani trader mark
Posted By: David C Fri, Jul 01, 2022 IP:

Am I making too much of this or is it really only a stylised pagoda? I have been through all my resources and there doesn’t seem to be a kanji or indeed a potter associated with this mark. It’s from a kutani dish. I might be just a trading logo or manufacturer mark. Can anyone recognise it and give me a clue? The dating would be lovely to have too. The mark is rubbed but there is certainly something going on inside with deliberate strokes so it must belong to someone. Thanks in advance for any info. Best wishes to all.

Subject:Re: Kutani trader mark
Posted By: David C Fri, Jul 01, 2022

Dear All
I might have answered my own question. I didn't check Gotonberg and under Japanese marks I came up with Rokuzo or Rokuzan with two numbers underneath the Arch. I think I am right. Any confirmation would be fabulous. Best wishes

Subject:Re: Kutani trader mark
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Jul 04, 2022

Hi David,
The mark on the Gotheborg website (Rokuzo) is just another mistake on that site concerning Japanese names.
The mark there is a Torii (gate) with 2 numbers: Roku 六 San 三 (6 and 3), might be 63 but normally that's written as 六十三.

On your mark displayed here, it says Roku 六 Ichi 一 (6 and 1).
Most of these Torii marks are from the 1920's / 1930's and had all kind of numbers in the range 4-1 to 9-1 as far as I've seen.


Subject:Re: Kutani trader mark
Posted By: David C Sun, Jul 10, 2022

Dear Martin
Thank you so much as always for saving the day. Great info.
Best wishes
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