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Subject:Old jade
Posted By: Ross Sat, Jun 25, 2022 IP: 2408:841b:8a00:7005:

Can tell me about age of this jade item ?

Subject:Re: Old jade
Posted By: Steve Gridley Sun, Jun 26, 2022

In my opinion the design appears to have been acid (or other method) etched into the rock (as opposed to carved) then buffed to “age” the piece especially around presumed areas of “wear”. The bases of the carvings should still show crisp delineation of the carved outline where wear did not yet reach.

All this with what looks like a perfectly drilled hole with no wear commensurate with age or other wear on the piece.

Subject:Re: Old jade
Posted By: Ross Mon, Jun 27, 2022

Thank you for your opinion. Let me try next time.

Subject:Re: Old jade
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Sun, Jun 26, 2022

This looks like an artificially aged carving made in recent times.
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