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Subject:Antique Chinese Peach shape early 19th century? Repair or not
Posted By: Bridget Shakespeare Fri, May 06, 2022 IP:

Could you please advise on the age of the Chinese wine pot shown below. It has characters on the pot but none on the base. What is the character please. Also would it be possible for you to advise whether it would be worth selling and should I have it repaired prior. It is intriguing in my opinion even though it has lost its handle and a broken tip from the spout. many thanks.

Link :Shakespeare

Subject:Re: Antique Chinese Peach shape early 19th century? Repair or not
Posted By: plasticman Fri, May 06, 2022

You have a tea pot described as a "Codagon" style. While it was not invented by Mrs. Codagon she made it popular in England.The shape is thought to have origins in continental Europe. The unique shape made it a big seller for a very limited time and was produced primarily by the Rockingham pottery in mid 19th century Britain. Of course, it was copied by Chinese potters for sale to Europe. The most unusual part of its shape is that it fills from a ceramic tube at the pots' base, not from the "top". The bat pattern is a traditional Chinese one seen prominently on the front. Replacing the handle would be very costly. If you love the pot, then do it for your own satisfaction and not for monetary gain. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |