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Subject:Ceramic object
Posted By: [email protected] Sat, Apr 30, 2022 IP: 2607:fb90:8f27:46fa:

Dear friends,
It is a unique object, at least to me, roughly 7”x3” with Asian looking glaze (?)
Could be modern ? … The felt pads at the bottom for sure is.
I would really appreciate your inputs on this object, please 🙏😊

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
Posted By: Bill H Sun, May 01, 2022

It resembles a short-necked 'tulipiere' type flower vase, though shorter than than others I've encountered, which usually had at least a truncated neck in the middle. The only thing on the base resembling a Chinese character looks like 'gong' (工), meaning 'work' or 'worker', but it could have been put there by a Chinese, Korean or Japanese maker. The link below leads to a images and a description of a 20th century tulipiere with stubby neck that sold for USU$20. My best guess is that yours also is late 20th century.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :tulipiere

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
Posted By: Tony Sun, May 01, 2022

Thanks so very much for your kind help Bill. H. !!! I greatly appreciate your time and expertise :)
To me, these scratches on the areas of the foots seem random, not intentional marks, and there is almost none on the larger "sink / depressed" area. It also seems that the felt pads were applied more recent or after than when the scratches had already been there
7 inner and 11 outer, 18 holes /tubes in total... resembling some what a bee hive ?
It is an interesting object, to me :)

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
Posted By: Bill H Sun, May 01, 2022

Seems that link isn't working. Here's image of it as well as one having no neck at all found on sale for US$50 by an online seller. Both definitely new. There's gotta be one like yours out there somewhere.

Good luck,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
Posted By: Bill H Mon, May 02, 2022

In the close but no cigar category, here are URLs for a couple of live auction results for crackle glazed censers in the "ge yao" style, including one of the same form as shown in my first picture and the other one a bit like the piece in my second post.

URL Title :crackle glaze censer

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
Posted By: Tony Tue, May 03, 2022

Dear Bill H.,
I am so thankful for your precious time, expertise and extreme effort to provide me with the info and knowledge on this object and others 🙏❤️🙏
Thanks so very much again !!!

Subject:Re: Ceramic object
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