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Subject:Chinese Ginger Jar
Posted By: Steen Sun, Apr 24, 2022 IP:

Do I hold a Chinese Ginger Jar from the Kangxi period?? It has a double blue circle ring at the bottom.

Subject:Re: Chinese Ginger Jar
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Apr 25, 2022

The scholarly Mainland China publication “Collection of Classical Markings on Chinese Historical Porcelains” (Zhongguo lidai taoci kuanzhi dadian - 中国历代陶瓷款识大典) illustrates such double-ring marks, which were in use from the late Ming through early Qing dynasties. For the most part, this was the "Transitional Period", the generally used name for the interim between the death of the Ming Wanli emperor to the installation of the Kangxi Emperor in 1662.

Taipei Palace Museum catalogs, Professor/author Liu Liangyu's input through the catalogs and his own books, as well as several other sources (whose names escape me at the moment) have indicated that Kangxi era "minyao" (popular kilns) perpetuated use of the double rings for awhile longer since a palace edict had forbid use of any imperial reign title on porcelain wares during continuing struggles against the Ming resistance, plus a lack at the time of palace regulations to govern use of the imperial reign title on porcelain wares made by civilian kilns at Jingdezhen and elsewhere. By circa 1682, manufacturing problems at the official and other kilns had largely been resolved and palace regulations on use of the reign title in marks had been issued.

Best regards,

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