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Posted By: Tony Sat, Apr 23, 2022 IP:

Dear friends,
Please forgive my ignoranceπŸ™
Are these Asian pottery? The bigger one (13”x9”) is quite heavy, and the smaller one (6”x8”) is not as dense.
I would really appreciate your help on the cultural origin and the period, if possible πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Subject:Re: Pottery
Posted By: Tony Sun, Apr 24, 2022

Subject:Re: Pottery
Posted By: Robert Sun, Apr 24, 2022

Neither piece of pottery is from East or SE Asia. The larger piece appears to be a bronze age jug, possibly from Eastern Europe or the Levant/Near East. The smaller piece with loops could be a cooking pot.

Subject:Re: Pottery
Posted By: Tony Sun, Apr 24, 2022

Dear Robert,
Thanks so very much for your time, expertise and help with the info on these pottery pieces πŸ™
I will look up and read more about them 😊
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