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Posted By: Nawal Mosqueda Sun, Apr 17, 2022 IP:

Three bowls of the same material, size, color, harmony, craftsmanship, features and seal mark.
1- By controlling the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays with magnification of the image, the pattern of snow cracks or inclined slices that have white edges, or the pattern of sea water, is observed, and through flash light magnification, the caviar pattern appears as in the attached pictures and video. Link (1).

2- The color changes by changing the angle or intensity of the light, which indicates that the glaze contains agate and Chinese gemstones, from green to gray, snow white, sunny yellow, azure, and turquoise (photos and video), Link (2).

3- The diameter of the bowl is within the documented limits of Northern song dynasty Ru bowls up to 16 cm, see Link (3).
4- The best desired product in the absence of crackles that appear during manufacture, according to records from the fourteenth century, read the Link (11).

5- The thickness of the Rim of theses bowls is 2 mm and the thickness of the glaze exceeds the thickness of the wall, this amount of diameter complies with the specifications of the Rowe pots of antiques if it is found that the thickness of the mouth is between 2-3 mm. Link (5)
6- Zooming in with flash light, carved shapes appear within the glaze, human faces, clouds, mountains, birds, fish flowers, as in the attached pictures and read Link (6)

7- The glazing of the Rim is similar to the color of incense after burning, with a color between brown, bluish-gray and yellowish-white, and the outer surface is transparent .read Link (7).

8- The foot is brown, matches the published description of Northern song dynasty Ru ware. See attached pictures. Link (14).

9- The sound when knocking appears muffled. Watch the video that includes the three bowls, read the Link (9).
10-The glaze is moist and pure like jade and has a distinct buttery feel, caressed like silk. Link (10)

11-On the end of the Rim glazing area from the side of the inner surface of the bowl, on a very narrow strip on the surface of the inner perimeter, through a magnifying glass with a flash light shedding at a certain very narrow angle A horizontal series of very small size drawings of human figures, symbols and numbers will appear in a very bright golden color. See the attached photos.

12-On the Rim’s glaze there is a tiny drawing of a man wearing a headdress belonging to the officials and emperors of the Song dynasty. See attached photo, read Link (12)

13-There are five slight folds or tucks around the outer surface of the mouth of the bowl. This is characteristic of the Northern Song dynasty, see the attached picture and read the book
14-Absence of sesame-seed' spur marks. Link (15).

15-Seal Mark of two characters, 青 仁, as follows: Character 青 means in the dictionary three meanings: green, blue and blue-green Character "仁" in the dictionary means: Benevolence, which is the essence of the concept of Confucianism and the ideological field of the highest moral principle of Confucianism. Thus, 青 仁 means blue and green Benevolence. Read link (13).Also the character 仁 may refer to Emperor Renzong of Northern song dynasty ( 宋仁宗 ). Or 仁 may refer to ( 青仁黑豆 Green Seed of Black Beans) , As black beans have black skin and green pulp.

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