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Subject:Japanese Tile
Posted By: Richard Webber Sat, Apr 09, 2022 IP:

Can someone translate the Japanese characters for me?

Thank you.

Link :Webber

Subject:Re: Japanese Tile
Posted By: I,Nagy Sun, Apr 10, 2022

Actually it is Chinese.
Billowing clouds gather around the cape
Thousands of trees strangely turn toward the cape
In the Year of Earth-Dragon (1928) painted by Wang Yeting at Zhushan

Wang Yeting 汪野亭 1884-1942
One of the "Eight Masters of Zhushan" founded in 1920 in Jindezhen, ;painting flowers, birds and landscapes.

With fregards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Tile
Posted By: Richard Webber Thu, Apr 14, 2022

Thank you I. Nagy. If you could I have attached another tile, translate the characters, | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |