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Subject:Porcelain vases
Posted By: Tim Tue, Jan 04, 2022 IP: 2a02:a03f:8096:7a00:

porcelain vases with lid.

I have a two vases and I was wondering a few things.
Is it Japanese / Chinese?
Is it possible to translate the maker mark on the bottom?

Happy new year!

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Subject:Re: Porcelain vases
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jan 05, 2022

These are decorative Chinese ginger jars from the late 20th century or thereafter with an apocryphal mark of "Made during the Qianlong reign of the Great Qing Dynasty (Da qing qian long nian zhi - 大清乾隆年製). Possibly transfer-decorated.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Porcelain vases
Posted By: Tim Thu, Jan 06, 2022

Hello Bill H.

Thank you again for your knowledge and time, much appreciated!

Best regards,

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