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Subject:Huanghuali ?
Posted By: Andrea Mon, Dec 27, 2021 IP:

Hi, I would like to know if this table is made in Huanghuali or other wood. Thanks

Subject:Re: Huanghuali ?
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Dec 29, 2021

According to Wikipedia, "Huanghuali" is a Chinese name for Dalbergia odorifera, a member of the rosewood family. It is used in food and furniture.

I have a Thai day bed that I was told by the Vietnamese maker is constructed of this wood. However, it is lacquered and not oil-rubbed, which process would build up into a pleasantly mellow finish after many years and greatly increase value. In the case of your table, its grain and the presence of knotholes in the surface looks to be about the same as the surface of my day bed, but its finish appears to have been sanded away. This likely has lowered its value, but I have no idea by how much. You might want to get some oil for the wood, which would give a more attractive finish if repeated often enough and help stem any cracking from dryness in an air-conditioned house.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Huanghuali ?
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Dec 29, 2021

Hi Andrea,
I am not an expert on wood species etc.
However I do not believe your table is made from Huanghuali. I believe it could be form of Elm.
Eric meirer from is a reliable source. He post here here from time to time.
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