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Subject:Asian Scroll
Posted By: Richard Mon, Dec 20, 2021 IP:


I am interested in learning who made this scroll and what the inscription says. I think it is Japanese but I'm unsure.


Subject:Re: Asian Scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Dec 21, 2021

It is Japanese one character Zen calligraphy.
無     - Mu - Non-existence
露山良賢  - Rōzan Ryōken
Upper seal,
良賢之印  - Seal of Ryōken
Lower seal,
露山    - Rōzan
Starting seal,
一味眞   - Ichimishin - One taste truth 

Rōzan Ryōken 露山良賢 1941-
Original name; Nakagawa Ryōken 中川良賢
Abbot of the Rōzan Myōkyōji Temple (露山明教寺)
in Kyōto's Fushimi district

With regards,

Subject:Re: Asian Scroll
Posted By: Richard Wed, Dec 22, 2021

Thank you very much for your expertise in identifying the artist and the inscriptions!

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