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Subject:Painting translation
Posted By: Alison Sat, Nov 20, 2021 IP: 2001:8003:3393:3e00:

Can someone please tell me what this says Thankyou

Subject:Re: Painting translation
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Nov 20, 2021

This was posted already on the 17th of Nov. Thank to the more close and clear picture I can correct my previous misreading in the colophon,

松坪觀瀑 - Viewing of Songping Waterfall
小芳於陶龍亭之西 - (By) Xiaofang at the West of the Taolong (Porcelain Dragon) Pavilion
Leisure seal,
壽 - Longevity

(陶龍亭 is the correct reading and not 關龍亭)

Xiaofang 小芳 and the Shaofu 少甫 (other posting of today) is the same
artist. However, it is not possible to know which is the given name and which is the pseudonym. One thing seems to be sure that her surname is Sung.

With regards,
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