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Subject:Chinese vase identify
Posted By: GKar Tue, Nov 09, 2021 IP:

What does the marking mean?

Subject:Re: Chinese vase identify
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Nov 10, 2021

Apart from the English marking, this vase has a base mark that uses simplified characters indicating it was made in modern China at Shantou. The mark is read as "华汕陶瓷" (Hua shan tao ci), translatable as "China Shantou Ceramics". No info resulted on this company from my search for data on either the English or characters shown, including at However, the transfer decoration with thickly overlaid enamels in the Japanese "moriage" style is similar to other Chinese vases I've seen that were made in Macao workshops and appeared on western markets circa the third quarter of the 20th century.

FYI, the character Shan (汕) means Shantou, which name formerly was rendered "Swatow" in the local dialect and was associated with porcelain exports during the Ming and early Qing periods.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Chinese vase identify
Posted By: GKar Wed, Nov 10, 2021

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