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Subject:Help identifying this (bronze?) plate
Posted By: Jeff R. Tue, Nov 02, 2021 IP:

I have this 7 3/8" (bronze?) plate with two rabbits in relief. Does anyone know the country of origin and era it could have been made?

Subject:Re: Help identifying this (bronze?) plate
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Nov 03, 2021

It is Japanese,
Marking reads,
惣 - Sō

Saegusa Sōtarō 三枝惣太郎 1911-2006
Professional sculptor, native of Kōzushima, Kagawa Prefecture.
He has been professor at Nagoya University of Arts since 1970. Retired in 1982 and moved to Ichinomiya.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Help identifying this (bronze?) plate
Posted By: Jeff R. Thu, Nov 04, 2021


Thank you!! Really appreciate it!!

Subject:Help identifying Japanese antiques
Posted By: James Sat, Nov 06, 2021

Hi I saw your response to someone who needed help identifying a Japanese piece. I Collect Japanese antiques and need someone who can read japanese to help translate a few pieces that I have and can’t identify. I can pay you to identify them for me now and in the future whenever I need help with a piece. Is this something you could do? Thanks, James | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |