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Subject:Maker's stamp on temple bell
Posted By: Kit Fri, Oct 29, 2021 IP:

Can anyone provide any information about the maker's stamp on this temple bell? The inscription names two donors, who were born in the year of the wood boar/pig (乙亥: 1815 or 1875?) and the year of the metal rat (庚子: 1840 or 1900?). I am guessing that the birth dates are 1840 and 1875, and the bell was made in the late Meiji period, probably post-1900. Or could the birth dates be 1815 and 1840, and the date of the bell pre-1900? Does this form of stamp suggest a possible date range? I'd be very grateful for any suggestions about the name of the bell maker, the location, and the possible date range. Very sincere thanks for your help!

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