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Subject:Identifying Ceramic Japanese Vase
Posted By: Rick Sat, Oct 09, 2021 IP:

Hi Forum Members,

I am looking for assistance in identifying the characters found on the base of this "swirl" vase. I am guessing it's a Japanese piece because there is the remnant of a label with the first two letters being JA. Any thoughts on age would also be welcome.

Kind regards,

Subject:Re: Photos Attached
Posted By: Rick Sun, Oct 10, 2021

Here are the photos.

Subject:Re: Photos Attached
Posted By: Martin Michels Tue, Oct 12, 2021

It's a Japanese vase indeed.
The mark reads Töhö 陶芳.
It's made by Kato 加藤 Töhö, a potter born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1945.
Exhibited at the Contemporary Crafts Exhibition in 1975.


Subject:Re: Photos Attached
Posted By: Rick Tue, Oct 12, 2021

Thank you very much, Martin! It's helpful to have some background information on the artist, too.

Kind regards,
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