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Subject:Help identifying ceramic cloisonne dish
Posted By: Mel Sun, Sep 26, 2021 IP:

Any help in identifying anything about this dish would be much appreciated. I can't find the mark anywhere and would like to know origin and age. The front has textured areas that look more like pottery, then there is an area of cloisonne and the back looks like porcelain so it is a mystery to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

Subject:Re: Help identifying ceramic cloisonne dish
Posted By: Suzume Mon, Sep 27, 2021


Can't help you with the markings I'm afraid but that doesn't look like cloisonné to me but rather lacquer. I have seen lacquer used to restore old plates and dishes if they became too badly chipped or damaged or the decoration was rubbed off. In which case, the plate becomes purely decorative.

If it's almost like wood to the touch rather than metal then it's lacquer.

Assuming I'm correct, that would make this piece Japanese. The lacquer is most likely Showa period (1926-1989). The plate might be older (a larger photo to see the shape would help) maybe 18th-19th century.

Hope this helps,


Subject:Re: Help identifying ceramic cloisonne dish
Posted By: Mel Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Its not lacquer and it is cloisonne. I can see the metal and verified it under a loop and the material is not lacquer. I have two of these plates. It is not any kind of repair, but appreciate you looking.

Subject:Re: Help identifying ceramic cloisonne dish
Posted By: Mel Thu, Sep 30, 2021

Correction. It is not cloisonne, with a stronger magnifying glass I was able to tell. I think its all inlaid pottery. Someone suggested it might be Mishima ware, but I can't find a design as eleborate as this in those pieces and I can't find examples of Kintsugi this elaborate either. I'm stumped! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |