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Subject:Help needed Ivory Shibayama Buckle
Posted By: Antonis Kentonis Thu, Sep 23, 2021 IP:

Hey everyone,

I am an art student who enjoys learning about and collecting different cultural works of art. I have dreams of one day establishing a small encyclopedic museum in my home country. I was wondering whether I could have your experienced opinions on a Japanese item I have in my collection? I am not intereseted in what it's monetary value is or anything like that. I am more hoping to find an estimated age and if the item is even actually made in Japan.

The item in question is this ivory insect shibayama belt buckle with inlays of horn, abalone and shell. Originally, I thought this was a late Meiji period Japanese export to Europe, but as no Japanese speakers could read the signature on it, I was wondering whether it is illegible and if the object was actually made in Europe in imitation of Japanese products.

I found several ivory shibayama pieces with similar charachter marks say that they're from the Meiji period althoughbi don't know how factually true...

Thank you for your time in advance!

Kind regards,
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