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Subject:Painting translation/artist/info
Posted By: Kev Sun, Sep 12, 2021 IP:

Hello, I would appreciate any help in identifying and translating this painting. Many Thanks

Subject:Re: Painting translation/artist/info
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Sep 13, 2021

The picture depicts an Ikebana flower arrangement  work
南京染付 - Nankin sometsuke - Nanking Blue and White Ceramics
大花入  - Ohana-ire - Big vase

いけすがた - Ikesugata - Arranged shape (Ikebana)

鳥葉色   - Sashibu-iro - Sashibu colored ?
大きく   - Ogiku - Large chrysanthemums

九品     - Kyuhon (One among the nine prizes)

(Alternative kanas are transcribed into their modern forms)

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Subject:Re: Painting translation/artist/info
Posted By: Kev Tue, Sep 14, 2021

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