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Subject:Print identification
Posted By: Rakoto Fri, Sep 10, 2021 IP:,163.1

Could someone help me identify this print ?

Thank you very much !

Subject:Re: Print identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Sep 11, 2021

一樹園 - Ichijuen
貞升画 - Sadamasu-ga - Painted by Ichijuen Sadamasu

(Utagawa Sadamasu 歌川貞升 active 1830s-1850s,
Ichijuen was one of his pseudonyms)

彫工 松倉熊象  - Carver: Matsukura Kumazō
摺工 堀尾豊三郎 - Printer: Horio Toyosaburō

Publisher's mark (left)
浪華 金花堂小西 - Naniwa (Ōsaka) Kinkadō Konishi

According to the inscription, one of the protagonists of the "Tale of Eight Brave and Loyal Dogs" Inuyama Dōsetsu using the "Art of Fire" at Marutsukayama seizes the famous sword called "Murasamemaru" from Aboshi Samojirō.

With regards,
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