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Subject:Floor screen
Posted By: David Tue, Aug 31, 2021 IP:

I have had this screen for many years. I dont know much about its history besides the fact I bought at an estate sale approximately 20 years ago. Stands 7’ each panel is 16” wide total 10’ 6”.. I am curious if someone may have some insight where the piece if from.. also there is an inscription in red lettering on the back side which im also curious of its meaning.. any info would be greatly appreciated..
Thank y

Subject:Re: Floor screen
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Sep 01, 2021

Birds and flowers
Back (Inscriptions),
風嬌雨秀 - Delicate wind and graceful rain
丙子   - Year of Fire-Rat (1996)
奇典 - Qidian or 奇興 Qixing  - Given name or art-name of artist ( the 2nd character is smudged)

With regards,
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