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Subject:Vietnamese (?) blue and white ceramic jar
Posted By: Yvain Sat, Aug 21, 2021 IP: 2001:861:4f81:15b0:9

Hi everyone!

Picked up this jar Friday, and even though I know it isn't a fancy piece I love it!

With the help of a Facebook group, I was able to determine that it is most likely Vietnamese (mostly because of the type of clay and the colours). However, I still have no idea of how old it is!

From what I gathered, this style emerged in the 15th century, however most jars from the 15th-16th century have glazed shoulder, unglazed foot, and petal ornamentation around the shoulder. Also, I didn't found that pattern (lotus in a medallion) anywhere else.

I did found a jar with a similarly glazed foot and medallion pattern (although with a different scene) dated from the 18th century, but surely mine can't be that old?

I can add that mine is made out of beige/light brown clay. The blue pattern seems to have been rapidly painted with a very wet pigment, there is a lot of small defects (see pictures), holes or small rocks trapped under the glaze. There is some weird stains and concretion (on the foot and inside) that I can't really identify.

I welcome any information that would help me date this piece, or point me in the right direction.

Feel free to ask me if you need more information or pictures, and thanks in advance for your help! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |