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Subject:Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Drea Fri, Jul 09, 2021 IP: 2600:1700:8280:8ac0:

I acquired this porcelain vase that had been made into a lamp. The lamp didn’t work, so I took it apart and salvaged the vase. Any information I can get about this vase would be much appreciated. It looks to have been broken and professionally repaired; the repair is extremely well done and is not obvious from the outside, but you can see it from the inside. This vase is 14” tall. Many thanks!

Subject:Re: Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Mark Adams Sat, Jul 10, 2021

Hong Kong made circa later 20th century.
Deliberately made with a drill hole to deceive the buyer into thinking it was republican period.
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Subject:Re: Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Andrea Keyes Sun, Jul 11, 2021

The lamp parts I removed from it were from approximately the 1930’s. Would someone have deliberately used antique lamp parts to further deceive? Also, I’m not sure if it was broken before or after it was converted to a lamp, but it was professionally repaired and extremely well done; I don’t know why someone would go to that trouble or expense for a piece of junk.

Subject:Re: Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Mark Adams Mon, Jul 12, 2021

Hi Andrea,
I have had another look at your vase and note your comments therein.
If the brass fittings are actually old then it's possible that the vase is from the Republic period 1912-1949.
This particular styling is not my strongest point with porcelain. They were making similar during the said earlier period right through to the 60's onwards.
The drill hole looks like it was made and not drilled. Although it could be. Your pictures are inconclusive.
Drilled vases were popular during the 1920's as there was a major shortage of said lamps available. As a consequence some manufacturers started making vases with drill holes to be converted. Unfortunately the fakers are also doing that today to try and pass them as republican period.
So it's either a republican period or a 60's/70's copy.
It's difficult sometimes to put a definitive period based on images.
I do hope other members can chim in with their thoughts.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Andrea Keyes Tue, Jul 13, 2021

Thank you, I appreciate your reply. The forum only let me upload 3 photos, that’s why it was lacking. I picked a view of the whole vase from one side, a close up of the enamel, and the base. You got me on the right track for researching this on my own. There is just so much information out there that I didn’t even know where to begin. Thanks again :)

Subject:Re: Chinese Porcelain Vase
Posted By: Steve Gridley Wed, Jul 14, 2021

In my opinion, from your photos, I must concur with Mark on this vase. The decoration is crudely painted and the raised enamels are more consistent with 1960s pieces I have handled. The “drill” hole is too perfect and looks to be part of the original blank as it also lacks inside drill marks (similar to lands and grooves from rifling) and trace flaking around the outer edges that occurs when drilling unless precise care is taken with a diamond bit and lubricant.

As to the 1930s lamp parts, Franken lamps are as common as any other item put together from different eras or parts. Chinese porcelain in particular lends itself to this since their wares have a general consistency which crosses time boundaries. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |