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Subject:Age of Antique Chinese Ginger Jars
Posted By: Adam Tue, Jun 29, 2021 IP:

Hi good people of Asian Arts Forum,

Was wondering if someone could help me with this. Can anyone identify the age of these ginger jars? It's very important for me as I'd like to figure out how old the tea inside is, and I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks.

Links have more hi def photos.

Subject:Re: Age of Antique Chinese Ginger Jars
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Jun 29, 2021

Inscription on security seal,
大清光緒十八年 - Great Qing Dynasty 18th Year of Guangxu (1892)
Inscription on label,
普洱茶 - Pu'ercha - Pu'er Tea
(Produced in southwestern Yunnan Province)

With regards,
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