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Subject:Chinese scroll painting inscription identification
Posted By: Lisa Wood Fri, Jun 25, 2021 IP:

Would be very grateful for any help with identification of the artist and/or inscription and seals on this Chinese scroll painting on silk

Subject:Re: Chinese scroll painting inscription identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jun 27, 2021

八仙祝壽 - Eight immortals celebrating longevity
癸酉年仲夏上澣 - In the Last Ten Days of the Mid-Summer Month of the Year of Water-Rooster (...1873,1933...)
秋泉居士畫 - Painted by the Retired Scholar of the Autumn Spring Stream - Art-name
Upper (leisure) seal,
囗樂 - 囗pleasure (1st character is not clear enough to read)
Lower(another leisure) seal,
林澤 - Linduo (Forest and water) - Refers to a place of seclusion
Four character seal,
陳淇畫章 - Picture Seal of Chen Qi

Unidentifiable artist

With regards,
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