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Subject:Wooden Buddha statue (Indonesia?)
Posted By: Argentina Thu, Jun 17, 2021 IP:

Hello everyone. I purchased this wooden buddha statue a while ago, from the estate of an old couple that lived a significant part of their life in Indonesia (fascinating sale, their house was packed with interesting things). There, i acquired this wooden buddha which at the time was identified as Balinese. While it was clearly painted originally, most of the paint has faded away on the fron (gold and red paint still visible on some sections, particularly on the back). Does this actually look like a Balinese statue? Any ideas on age? Suggestions on how to explore this further? No interest in selling, just fascinated by this statue and trying to find out as much as possible...thank you!

Subject:Re: Wooden Buddha statue (Indonesia?)
Posted By: Suzume Sat, Jun 19, 2021


I'm not too sure about the Balinese identification.

A photo that would really help with the age is the base. This is true for many antiques.

Dating is done for items like this both stylistically and through wear so some closer up images would be nice.

From afar, I'd say it's a 19th century piece.

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