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Subject:Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Fri, Jun 11, 2021 IP:

Hi All,
A green overlay glass bottle featuring three separate panels painted w/ floral designs. Central to the main side image is a tall vase on a stand w/ various objects around it, a censer on one side w/a scroll in the background. There are a pair of faux lion handles on the narrow sides.
The main side theme is similar w/ what may be found on the left side of a double glass bottle w/a Bi Riongu attribution. that one is to be auctioned at Bonhams in their upcoming Asian Art Sale to be held later this month. A link to the example is provided in the first of the two given below.
The paneled glass overlay has similarities to an inside painted red overlay bottle which was in this case, signed by Bi Rongjiu, in the second link
while there may be similarities in the theme, the details of the artwork might seem to be a bit different in comparison w/ the first example from the upcoming sale. And I am wondering, however, if this one may have been done by the same artist, or possibly by another artist known to have painted w/in the same genre.

H: 2 9/16"; 6.51cm

Thank you for looking

Kind regards,

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