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Subject:Japanese Silk Painting Identification
Posted By: Karee Sat, Apr 24, 2021 IP: 2600:1000:b063:ce4a:

I'd like help identifying the artist marks on this painted silk piece. Colorful, large 16"x13", I love this painting and would like to learn more about it. Thanks in advance!

Link :Smith

Subject:Re: Japanese Silk Painting Identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Apr 26, 2021

Signature and seal read,
清彦 - Kiyohiko

Kobayahi Kiyohiko 小林清彦
Contemporary artist,
Studied under Kaburagi Kiyokata, Ito Shinsui and Hamada Taiji
Exhibited 4 times at Nitten, 5 times at Nisshunten, several solo exhibitions etc.

With regards,
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