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Subject:Signature for Uchiwa
Posted By: J. Boussinesq Sat, Apr 10, 2021 IP: 2600:1702:1d80:a040:


I am trying to find out the identity of an artist in an Japanese uchiwa book with artists such as Shima Seien, Yokoyama Taikan, and Ueshima Hozan. So probably from the Taisho era?

Three examples of the signatures and seals are below. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

J. Boussinesq

Subject:Re: Signature for Uchiwa
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Apr 11, 2021

All three uchiwas are from the same artist.
Signatures and seals read,
海舟 - Kaishun
(Seals are 3 diffferent variations of the same 海舟
Unidentifiable artist, probably from Taishō or early Shōwa era.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Signature for Uchiwa
Posted By: J. Boussinesq Sun, Apr 11, 2021

As always, thank you I. Nagy for such a helpful reading.

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