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Subject:Oribe chawan
Posted By: Michael S. Tue, Apr 06, 2021 IP: 2a02:8071:b6d5:cc00:

Dear Mr. Nagy, dear everyone,

could you please help me with this old Oribe chawan? Thanks a lot.

Subject:Re: Oribe chawan
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Apr 07, 2021


茶碗   - Chawan
善五郎造 - Zengorō-zō - Made by Zengorō
永楽   - Eiraku

Eiraku Zengorō 永楽善五郎 1917-1998
16th head of Eiraku workshop in Kyōto.


銘    - Inscription
其あと  - Thereafter
高山流水 - It is difficult to find
知音少 - a friend wo knows the tone
(Reference to a Chinese anecdote of two great friends Bo Ya and Zhong Ziqi)
丁巳秋  -  In Autumn of the Year of Fire-Snake (1977)
口口   -  口口 I can't decipher the name
口光院主 -  口kōin-shu - head of 口kōin Temple

With regards,

Subject:Re: Oribe chawan
Posted By: Michael S. Thu, Apr 08, 2021

Dear Mr. Nagy,

as always: Thank you so much for your valuable help. Please allow me one last question to this: Does the seal on the chawan match with the name on the tomobako?
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