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Subject:Swatow (Zhangzhou) Porcelain Dish
Posted By: Robert Mon, Mar 22, 2021 IP: 2601:545:4502:f340:7

I got this blue and white porcelain dish at a small estate auction over 20 years ago. It is 28.3 cm in diameter, thickly potted, with a sandy foot typical of Swatow wares. It had no history when I bought it. It appears quite similar to a very small group of similarly decorated Zhangzhou porcelain dishes recovered from the Vung Tau shipwreck excavation. To me it looks more like a hand-down piece - fine scratches from long use but otherwise the glaze is in great condition. The painting of tree peony and bamboo is bold and spontaneous, capturing the essence of the subject in a way similar to 'literati' painting. The absence of a border is also consistent with this group of dishes. Other suggestions, comments welcome.
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