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Subject:Metal statue
Posted By: Tony Thu, Mar 18, 2021 IP:

Dear friends,
It is a small statue (12" in height) made of metal. It seems to be bronze with gold gilt ?
(The red marks are just spill paint)
I would really appreciate your inputs as for the When / Where / What of the piece.
Very much appreciate the help!!!
Tony :)

Subject:Re: Metal statue
Posted By: Suzume Fri, Mar 19, 2021


That statue looks Southeast Asian to me (parts of India, Bali, Malaysia, etc.) and is probably Hindu in origin. It's a votive statue from a shrine.

I can't say for certain if it's bronze from a photo. Is it cold? If so it might be. It shouldn't be magnetic. Another thing you can do is very carefully scratch a little under the base, if bronze the metal underneath will be gold in colour.

Regarding age, it can be difficult to say with this sort of thing. My guess would be 20th century but a photo of the base would certainly help with dating.

I hope this helps,


Subject:Re: Metal statue
Posted By: Tony Sat, Mar 20, 2021

Dear Suzume,
Thank you so very much for your time and insights on the statue!
I really appreciate your kind help πŸ™
Yes, it is hard to assess the properties of the object through picture😊
As for material, it does feels cold by touch, non-magnetic and in person it seems to look like bronze with gilt gold.
As you advised, I try to take pictures of the back to help with estimation of the period. The statue is made of 5 removable pieces, and below are the pictures of the back of ones of those pieces.
Again, thank you very much for your inputs πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Subject:Re: Metal statue
Posted By: Tony Sat, Mar 20, 2021

The flower mark reminds me of Tibetan!
Maybe Remy can help?

Subject:Re: Metal statue
Posted By: Tony Sun, Mar 21, 2021

There seems to be an old repair at one of the anchor pin ( in the last picture)

Subject:Re: Metal statue
Posted By: Tony Tue, Mar 30, 2021

Just to share with you what I come up with through searching online:
It is, as Suzume mentioned, a votive sculpture of Krishna (Hindu origin) standing on one leg on a lotus throne and holding the butter ball.
The sculpture, in my opinion, is made of copper alloy inlaid and gilt with gold or some sort of yellowish metal and decorated with designs of mythical creatures: Yali (hybrid of part lion, part elephant and part horse) and Makara (mythical sea creature), …
It does looks old as you can see in the picture below where part was highly oxidized/aged; however I can not made out the time / period when it was made! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |