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Subject:Umenomoto Ōsai Surimono 1860 Monkey
Posted By: Yura Sun, Jul 05, 2020 IP:

Dear forum members!

I know the authors of this surimono.
Artist - Umenomoto Ōsai [梅の本鶯斎] (active 1848-1860s). Signed - Ōsai ga [鶯齋画]. Seal: 鶯
Poet - Ryûen Hiroka [龍尾園尋香] active during the Ansei era (1854-61). Seal: 尋香.
Given the image of a monkey, this surimono dates back to 1860. This is in line with the time of both authors.

I ask for help in reading the poetic content of surimono. Maybe there's a confirmation of my dating.

Thank you in advance

Subject:Re: Umenomoto Ōsai Surimono 1860 Monkey
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jul 06, 2020

The inscription is a haiku by Hiroka
Transliteration of alternative kanas into modern kanas and the translation,
はるかぜや - Harukaze ya
富貴の門を - Tomiki no mon wo
先へ吹   - Saki he fuku

Spring breeze !
At the Tomiki Gate
Blows with a whizz

庚申とし - Year of the Metal-Monkey (1860)
龍尾園  - Ryuen (Signature)
尋香   - Hiroka

With regards,

Subject:Re: Umenomoto Ōsai Surimono 1860 Monkey
Posted By: Yura Thu, Jul 23, 2020

Dear Imre!

Thank you very much for the translation!
It's nice to know that my guess about 1860 is correct.

Sincerely Yura | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |