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Subject:Korean - Celadon - please help with the marks
Posted By: Jack Wed, Mar 06, 2019 IP:

Hallo all.
A short while ago some of you guys were most helpful in identifying my first piece of Celadon (turned out to be Korean - Songwol). This got me interested in Korean Celadon and I now have two new pieces of Celadon work which I am, thanks to you, confident are Korean.
Can you please help me to identify the origins by considering the marks in the images below?
Thank you for your help.

Subject:Re: Korean - Celadon - please help with the marks
Posted By: Beege Wed, Jun 05, 2019

Hallo all.
Sorry to raise this question again, but I've been unable to translate the marks on these two Celadon vases. Can anybody please translate?
Thank you.

Subject:Re: Korean - Celadon - please help with the marks
Posted By: Matt Sat, Nov 20, 2021

They do not look very old to me and are not from the same maker. The vase looks Japanese and the mark is Kanji and could read, 右喬 “Migi Takashi” (Right -Name-) pronounced “Ukyo”. I could have the Kanji wrong but might give you something to go on? I’m sure there is someone who can provide a better interpretation. There is a modern Celedon maker from Japan name Takeshi Yasuda but I couldn’t honestly say it is his work. Good luck and hope this helps?


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