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Subject:Chinese Paintings Identifying
Posted By: Daniel Tue, Mar 13, 2018 IP: 2001:569:7012:a900:7


Im trying to identify the artist of these paintings I just purchased. The seal marks are the same on both paintings so I am confident they are from the same artist (so I will include one closeup). They appear to be Republic period or early 20th century and nicely framed and matted with silk mat in a red stained wood frame and typical Chinese brass hanger. My area of expertise is far from Chinese paintings and there are so many fakes and I just happened to come across these and couldn't pass them up as I enjoyed both. I am a fan of Qi Baishi's style and work and the hanging gourd reminded me of that simplicity which I like from Chinese paintings. If anyone who may be an expert in this area could help me identify the artist so I can do more research on them (if at all possible) please share!

Also, I am curious if anyone can refer me to a book of Republic era > 1950's Chinese painters that includes their seals/bios? I have Victoria Contags Seals of Chinese Painters and Collectors from the Ming & Ch'ing periods (which is a bit frustrating as its not in pinyin) but I was wondering if there's anything out there for the early to mid 20th century artists in English? I've seen quite a few individual artists but nothing as comprehensive as the book stated above.

Thank you all for your help!


Subject:Re: Chinese Paintings Identifying
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Mar 14, 2018

Inscription reads,
Benevolent person lives for long
(People with virtue live longevity in silence)
-From Analects of Confucius-
甲子筆 - Year of Wood-Rat (...1924,1984)
青河  - Jin He (Blue River) Art-name
Upper seal,
金福龍印 -  Seal of Golden Happy Dragon - Leisure seal
Lower seal,
青河   -  Jin He
I am not sure about the reading of the 3rd (Starting) seal.
I could not find any clue to the artist from these

With regards,

Subject:Re: Chinese Paintings Identifying
Posted By: Daniel Thu, Mar 15, 2018


My sincere gratitude! Thank you for your translation. I wish I could find something more on this artist but at least this is a start!

Subject:Re: Chinese Paintings Identifying
Posted By: M Lee Tue, Nov 22, 2022

Hi, would you be able to help figure out the names of the artists using these seals? Thank you! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |