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Lao Textiles Revisited

Lao Textiles Revisited, an exhibition celebrating the handwoven silk fabrics of Carol Cassidy, an American weaver living and working in Laos, will be presented at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology from June 20 through September 30, 1995. The show will feature more than 100 fabrics designed by Ms. Cassidy and woven under her supervision by Laotian weavers, in addition to selections from her own collection of Lao textiles dating back to the early 20th century.
  • June 20-September 30
  • The Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Seventh Avenue at 27th Street
  • New York City NY 10001-5992
  • 212 760 7642
  • Fax 212 760 7909

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Collection of Silk Wall Hangings


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