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Jewel of the Lotus

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5670 J, El Camino Real
Carlsbad Gateway Center
California, USA
Tel: 760 814 8155

Press Release
Aug. 8, 2018

Grand Opening
Lotus Gallery
5670 J Carlsbad Gateway Center
Open 1 to 6 PM

In this age of high tech gadgets and digital hardware ART in its many forms gets a lot less priority. Art gives meaning to life, expands consciousness, and feeds the soul.

Lotus Gallery invites you to experience ART thru not only ancient objects of art, but the beauty of gemstones artily set in master pieces of adornment.

Founded in 1987 by Tsajon von Lixfeld, GIA graduate gemologist and Asian art specialist, Jewel of the Lotus Int’l. Inc. opened as Lotus Gallery on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai in 1999 by Tsajon and His wife Kamalia. After 18 years, winning local awards for jewelry design and business of the year, the Gallery closed in June of 2018 and moved to Carlsbad, California at the Gateway Center 5670 El Camino Real.

The Gallery is the product of years in the retail and wholesale trade covering the major Jewelry and Asian Antique Trade shows around the country, exhibiting at shows like the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows, JCK Las Vegas show, and New York Arts of Asia Shows.

Lotus Gallery is certainly not your typical Art Gallery or Jewelry store. Lotus Gallery is like Kauai, totally exotic and unique, and from the heart. Most of our jewelry is one of a kind designed and made by the owners, Tsajon and Kamalia. Kamalia has been designing jewelry for 20 years and Tsajon has been a jeweler and Gemologist for 15 years. Together their years of experience in the Gem and Jewelry trade can be seen in their unique work. Kamalia uses her healing gift to imbue all her work with love and light. She believes jewelry should be more than just an adornment, it should protect, empower and heal the wearer. So you will find most of the Jewelry is done in high karat gold, 18K and 22K. Kamalia’s favorite material are pearls, like the butterscotch golden pearls from Burma.

Tsajon’s gift is in finding the special gemstones that radiate with light and love. He puts more value on the “life “of the gemstone than other qualities. The jewelry that is designed and made by Tsajon is set with such gem material as Lapis, Tsavorite, & Tanzanite.

He also has a gift with antiquities, having developed a keen eye for the authenticity of Asian artifacts from India, Nepal, and Tibet. As a treasure hunter since the 70 ‘s , Tsajon has covered most of eastern Asia finding rare and precious artifacts in bronze and stone, from as early as the 12th century. The Lotus collection of Art also includes hand knotted silk & wool oriental carpets in all sizes and shapes.

If you catch Tsajon in the Gallery you will get an education in Gems and Asian Art, which is his passion.

The Lotus Gallery has earned a large visitors following on Kauai over the years, of which many are repeat customers from Southern California. Lotus Gallery is a delight to the senses and wonderful, educational addition to the community.

The Lotus gallery is available 5 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. M-F

Inquires or appointments can be made directly at 760 814 8155   
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