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The Global Emperor

The Global Emperor was the acquaintance of many Kathmandu valley dwellers in the 1960s and 1970s. All were used to his friendly smile and hallmark salute, as he would approach on the streets of Kathmandu, dispense a blessing and handwritten card, often with detailed instructions.

an anonymous Kathmandu denizen remembers:

"One day he accosted me on the street and demanded that we get our picture taken at a local studio---professional shot, black and white, 8x10, about three copies I think. I had no idea why he wanted these pictures. He was so goofy I never even asked why we were doing it, I figured he wanted to remember me or something. Even the most bizarre things seemed perfectly natural with him. About two weeks later I ran into him on the street and he told me that he's sent the pictures off to "everyone." "Say what?" I said. "Who's everyone?" "Prime Minister Giri of India and Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia." he replied in a deadpan, matter-of-fact way, like I was some kind of idiot or something. "Oh them." I said, figuring that we'd OF COURSE hear back from them right away. I mean they had just received a communique from the Global Emperor himself and they, after all, were merely low-level functionaries of the non-aligned nation organization. I half-thought that maybe I should prepare for a trip to New Delhi and Belgrade, because they would probably send a plane for us."

Global Emperor card found in the 
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