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below find a brief description of items presently in this Forum: 

Ten interesting sites in Nara Area, Japan: by Reiji Yamashina: some interesting sites in Nara-city 
in Japan and its outskirts - May 01, 01

The Global Emperor: The Global Emperor was the acquaintance of many Kathmandu valley dwellers in the 1960s and 1970's. - Feb 23, 01

A Halo of 7th century Japan:  Yoshitaka Takaki examines patterns on halo of an Avalokitesvara (7th century) in Horyu-ji, the most distinct among halos in ancient Japan. - Apr 19, 00

A Buddhist Pyramid Monument in Nara, Japan: by Yoshitaka Takaki, reports on a newly discovered pyramid structure in Nara - Dec 26, 99

Sitting pose of Apsara, by Yoshitaka Takaki, investigates the ancient poses of early Chinese art and their descendants in Korea and Japan. - May 4, 99

A Dozen articles on Asian Arts, a collection of essays by Yoshitaka Takaki, where the author has gathered together notes on various subjects - largely on Chinese art forms, including The oldest molded gourd,  Mold and the Silk Road, and Viking with a Buddha - Jan 29, 99

My Selection of Chinese Calligraphy. by Yoshitaka Takaki, Japan - Apr 7, 98

Modernization in Japan and the Ukiyo-e by Amaury García Rodríguez, Centro de Estudios de Asia y Africa, El Colegio de México, A.C. - Jan 16, 98

About two bamboo carving artists in Ching Dynasty by Yoshitaka Takaki, Japan - Sep 15, 97

CREATING A TIBETAN RENAISSANCE Profile: Nyima Tsering, Sichuan, China, by Pamela Logan -
Feb 10, 97

Chinese Jades from the Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman, a review by Eric J. Hoffman - Feb 10, 97

Power Places of Kathmandu, by Keith Dowman with photographs by Kevin Bubriski.
Review by William Forbes, Kathmandu. - Sep 5, 96

Splendors of Imperial China: Jades from the National Palace Museum Review by Eric J. Hoffman of the Splendors of Imperial China show from a jade-lover's viewpoint. - July 14, 96

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