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an exhibition of the contemporary works of Southeast Asian ceramic artists.

Sixteen Filipino potters and ten other Southeast Asian ceramic artists exhibited their works at the Ayala Museum from September 21 to October 4, 2009. This convergence of ASEAN potters was the first of its kind in the Philippines. The display of sixty-four works by the master potters in the region attested to the intensity, passion, and peculiar identity of ASEAN ceramic artists. Renowned ASEAN potters participating in the event included Ahadiat Joedawinata of Indonesia; Peter Low, James Seet, Lileng Wong, and Yeow Seng Cheah of Malaysia; Teck Heng Tan and Thomas Cheong of Singapore; Bathma Kaew-Ngok of Thailand; and Bao Toan Nguyen of Vietnam.

Exhibition review by Helen Yu-Rivera

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Vipoo Srivilasa

Lileng Wong

Thomas Cheong

Alvin T H Tan

James Seet

Jon Pettyjohn

Hadrian Mendoza

Hadrian Mendoza

Julie Lluch

Lope Bosaing

Jaime de Guzman

Camille D. Mendoza

Pablo Capati

Nelfa Querubin

Ahadiat Joedawinata


Bathma Kaew-Ngok

Serge Rega

Siegrid Bangyay

Joe Geraldo

Winnie Go

Tessy Pettyjohn

Pete Cortes

Cheah Yeow Seng

Hwee Min Low

Bao Toan Nguyen

Janet Mansfield

Exhibition review by Helen Yu-Rivera

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