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When Gold Blossoms:
Indian Jewelry from the Susan L. Beningson Collection

Asia Society and Museum

September 14, 2004 through January 23, 2005

When Gold Blossoms presents the Susan L. Beningson collection of Indian jewelry. The focus of the collection is gold jewelry from the south of India, in particular, jewelry for deities and women. The collection began with a necklace that Beningson bought to wear and a pair of earrings that she found to match. It is a collection based not on academic principle but on the pleasures of seeing, touching, and wearing. When Gold Blossoms gives us the chance to share in the wearers' pleasures with careful, close viewing.

from an essay by Molly Emma Aitken

Talis, Nupur, and Padukas
A Collector's Eccentric Passion for Indian Jewelry

by Julie Rauer

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Ear covers


Chettiar tali






Braid ornament

Swaying earrings

Ear studs


Nose rings

Necklace and earrings set

Necklace set

Pendant set

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