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Hirado Porcelain of Japan

Robert T. Singer and Hollis Goodall

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (publisher), copyright 1997
edited by Matthew Stevens
Designed by Katherine Go
Photograph by Peter Brenner
Production coordinated by Rachel Ware

Published in conjuction with the exhibition Hirado Porcelain of Japan from
the Kurtzman Family Collection , organized by the Los Angeles County Museum
of Art and held there from November 16, 1997, through March 30, 1998.

55 pages, 85 illustrations
Soft bound

can be ordered in association with from ($14.95) and (£14.95)

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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
The first book in the Encyclopedia of Japanese Art series is devoted to Hirado porcelain and is the only work devoted exclusively to the subject in English. This much needed volume traces the origins of one of Japan's great porcelain manufacturers from its first years in the 17th century to its closure early in the 20th century. Illustrated with over 100 color plates, almost all of which are published for the first time, it displays the extraordinary range of Hirado wares originally made exclusively for the wealthy Matsura family. It conclusively demonstrates that Hirado was an important kiln in the history of Japanese ceramics and its widely varied wares rank among the finest made. Within the appendices of this book is a unique and comprehensive section devoted to over 90 marks found on Hirado wares. The eccentric charm and superlative quality of this rare porcelain is admirably displayed in this book by scholar and dealer, Louis Lawrence with an introduction by the renowned collector David Hyatt King.

Hirado Porcelain of Japan
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